Mg 2189 Fr Hst Ck Kopie

BreakfastA healthy start to your day

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Every day is a new beginning - and what a beginning it’s shaping up to be. There are hotels that divide their breakfast selection into English, American, and Continental. We don‘t have any use for that. Universal would seem more fitting. Or even All-Star-Breakfast. More important than those terms anyway, is to us that you start every day with a culinary surprise.

Good morning Rügen

Loose leaf teas in many aromatic varieties, filtered or freshly grounded coffee, a huge selection of smoked fish specialties, a diverse choice of cheeses, assorted cold meat from regional craft businesses, different choices of milk, freshly made Bircher muesli among other cereals, a large choice of fresh juices, fresh fruits, moist artisan bread and rolls from the island bakery – obviously you can still go for your toast with jam or a buttered roll like every other day, but we would place any bet that you might soon forsake those gladly.

Eat & Drink

Hotel Am Meer Meerbar 4


Lunch, dinner, coffee & cake at one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Hotel Am Meer Meerbar


This is the place you never leave again!

Mg 2189 Fr Hst Ck Kopie


Every day is a new beginning - and what a beginning it’s shaping up to be

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Terrace with an ocean view

or simply paradise with a Baltic Sea view. Extending around the three transparent sides of the meerbar restaurant, our glass-covered terrace is open as often as the weather permits. And that is far more often than you might think as many areas of the outdoor seating can be heated when required. This way, even in spring or autumn you can enjoy your artisanal Italian ice cream and your cake al fresco at teatime or take a romantic dinner accompanied only by the sound of the surf.

Hotel Am Meer Strand

Vacation as a present

Possibly the perfect giveaway! If you are looking for a truly unique treat for a dear person’s special day, the conventional gift pool might not do. Instead of socks or flowers, rather go for something “home-made” – an unforgettable holiday on Ruegen – at the HOTEL AM MEER. Here you will find wellness, restaurant & spa vouchers.